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Savings claims based on monthly payment savings alone. If approved, lower monthly payment may result from a lower interest rate, a longer term or both. Remaining term may be extended for additional monthly savings; however, extending the term or the first payment beyond 30 days will increase the total interest paid.

A reduced monthly payment does not mean that you will pay less overall with a new loan. If you choose to extend the new term from your remaining term for more monthly savings, you will pay more in interest and have more monthly payments which will impact any savings from a reduced monthly payment. Savings may vary and your savings may be different.

Payments received after 5:00 PM Mountain Time may be processed the next business day.

Rate Reduction Rewards Program

Rate Reduction Rewardsâ„ 

In order to qualify for a 0.25 percent rate drop every three months (up to 1 percent per year), the program requires that the customer:

  • Register their account on the customer website
  • Opt in to Go Paperless
  • Agree to receive electronic correspondence from Prestige
  • Have full coverage insurance
  • Verify their address, email, and phone number every six months on myprestige.com
  • Make 3 consecutive, on-time payments

In order for the customer to qualify for a 0.5 percent rate drop every three months (up to 2 percent per year), the customer must meet the 0.25 percent rate drop requirements and:

  • Sign up for AutoPay.

The minimum interest rate allowed under the program is 14 percent. All customers with interest rates less than or equal to 14 percent do not qualify for Rate Reduction Rewards. To receive Rate Reduction Rewards, you must enroll in the program and meet all applicable requirements. The monthly payment amount remains the same with each rate reduction, resulting in an earlier payoff. Individual amortizations and savings will vary depending on terms and length of the contract. Not all customers will qualify.Charged off accounts are not eligible for Rate Reduction Rewards. Prestige reserves the right to collect post charged off accounts at the full contract rate. Prestige is not obligated to offer Rate Reduction Rewards to its customers, and may change or terminate the program at any time, without notice.