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Your Fast and the Furious Car Guide (Part 1)

August 10, 2018 • Jesse Herrin • Tags:

If you are a car enthusiast, then it’s pretty obvious you have watched this thrilling, action-packed movie series. It doesn’t matter if you prefer import cars to muscle cars, or vice versa — The Fast and the Furious showcases a wide variety of astounding cars of all types, as well as their speed and performance on the road.

So really, how fast are these cars? I always wondered how they compared to one another without all of the added performance specifications.

These series of articles will go over the base speed and specification of each model shown in every movie before they were “souped up.”


The Fast and the Furious (2001)

1970 Dodge Charger R/T

1970 Dodge Charger

Image source

Stock horsepower: 425 hp

Dominic Toretto’s iconic car in the first movie which he built with his father.

Packed with a hemi, this powerful Charger used in the movie was said to have had 900 horsepower. Clearly, the car was heavily upgraded from its base 425 horsepower.



1994 Toyota Supra MK IV

1994 Toyota Supra

Image source

Stock horsepower: 220 hp

Brian O’Conner loses to Dominic Toretto in a race, thus owing him a “ten second car.” He gives him a rusted Supra, but Dominic and his friends fix it up enough to become speedier than a Ferrari.



1994 Acura Integra GS-R

1994 Acura Integra

Image source

Stock horsepower: 170 hp

This was the car driven by actor/rapper Ja Rule (Edwin) in the first big street race of the movie. He not only loses the race, but also his girlfriend Monica.

The 1994 Integra only has a base horsepower of 170, so it can be assumed they made some tweaks to make the car faster.



1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse

1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse

Image Source

Stock horsepower: 140-210 hp

The “green car” was what Brian O’Conner drove in his first major road race that he eventually lost to Dominic Toretto.

During the race, his car began to overheat from the use of NOS (nitrous oxide), but he ignored the warnings and shot another blast of NOS into the engine to put him in the lead. The car eventually began to fall apart, and Dominic sped past him to win the race.

The factory four-cylinder engine had a stock horsepower of 210, but they added additional fuel delivery, air induction, and upgrades to the turbocharger and intercooler to boost it up to 435 horsepower.



1995 Volkswagen Jetta

1995 Volkswagen Jetta

Image source

Stock horsepower: 115-172 hp

A 1995 Jetta being fast? In the movie, it was portrayed as Jesse’s 12-gear, heavily modified speedy car he raced with at Race Wars against the villain Johnny Tran. After losing the race, he panics and drives off to hide even though he was actually supposed to give the car up to the winner.

The car’s engine used in the film was actually stock — 4-speed automatic with a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine.

Fun fact: the famous actor Frankie Muniz purchased the car used in the movie for a reported $100,000 when he was 16 years old. After owning it for 14 years, he auctioned the car in 2016 for $42,000.



2000 Honda S2000

2000 Honda S2000

Image source

Stock horsepower: 240 hp

Johnny Tran’s car he used to beat Jesse’s Jetta in Race Wars. Brian warns Jesse not to race Tran because he suspects that he put over $100,000 worth of upgrades into the car.

Unlike the Jetta, this car’s engine was enhanced by a Comptech supercharger and a Vortec adjustable fuel regulator, giving it an output of over 350 hp.



1993 Mazda RX-7

 1993 Mazda RX-7 1

Image source

Stock horsepower: 255 hp

Dominic Toretto’s car he drove in the first race to beat Brian near the finish line with a squirt of NOS.

The RX-7 came with a stock twin-turbo engine totaling 255 hp. The additional add-ons to the car was a 4-bottle NOS system, body kit, headlight covers, and rims.


Be sure to follow the series!

An article will be coming out for each movie of The Fast and the Furious series to go over how fast each car was before they were modified.

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