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Best Tailgate Games of 2017

August 28, 2017 • Steve Cyr • Tags:


Yes, we’re a car financing company, but we feel it necessary to announce that football season is upon us (insert roaring applause)! We’re freaking out a little bit not only because it’s that momentous time of year, but it also means it’s time to tailgate! And it’s quite fitting that Saturday, September 2nd is National Tailgating Day!

We could make this article about what the best cars are for tailgating and which ones you should buy… but when it comes to tailgating, the fun happens outside the vehicle. The parking lot party is where the games before the game happen, and that’s half the fun. A Saturday CFB-worthy vehicle is important (we’d go with a truck, because there’s never too much space for refreshments), but you better believe that you need to have some sweet entertainment and activities lined up to make weekend football epic.

Oh, you don’t have games? Well fear not, our passion for fun rivals our passion for financing cars and we are here to help you out. We’ve sorted through some of the most common, favorite, and even downright weird tailgating activities to bring you the best tailgate games of 2017. So throw the grill in the truck, grab these bad boys, and go have a ball!



Spikeball – A modified version of volleyball rules, Spikeball has been making its way to the frontlines of all sorts of gatherings. It’s fast-paced, easy to learn, and can be played almost anywhere. Currently a writer-favorite, Spikeball is definitely worth bringing to your next tailgate party.






Cornhole – One of the most foundational games of any tailgate, Cornhole has even made an appearance on ESPN. You can even customize the board to proudly display your team colors. Prove your skills and perfect your toss as you enjoy an easy going game that anyone can be good at playing!




Ladder Toss

Ladder Toss – Right up there with cornhole, ladder toss will make you cheer one minute and yell in frustration the next. Regardless of the outcome, it’s fun no matter who you are! Bragging rights goes to the person who can land the legendary triple three!






Washer Toss

Washer Toss – The game looks simple enough, but it’s much harder than it appears! Build your own or buy one, it’s similar to cornhole yet much smaller (and the washers are bouncier). If you can win at this game, you probably won’t have a problem with any of the other ones listed here! 




Pocket Passer

Pocket Passer – What better way to prove that you’re a CFB fan than by dominating your friends and family in a little football accuracy game? We can’t think of any! Pick your distance and give it a go like you’re Steve Young in his prime. 






KanJam – One of the new kids on the block of tailgating activities, KanJam is up there with Spikeball when it comes to the fast-pace and competition. Think you can handle some pressure with a Frisbee? Can you “thread the needle” for an instant win? Give this one a go, we promise you won’t be disappointed! 




Bocce Ball

Bocce Ball – This is an ancient game, but has stood the test of a good time over the years. You’ll need a little bit more space (and preferably some grass or sand) to play, but if you can find a nearby field, it’s game on! The more players the better; pick your favorite color and see who can land the closest to the pallina. 




Jumbo Jenga

Giant Jenga – When it comes to crunch time, nothing gets your heart pounding like a little friendly Jenga competition. Now you can jumbo-size the entire experience for the whole party to see with Giant Jenga. If you’re you’re pretty talented, you might end up needing a step stool to stack remaining pieces. 




Putter Pong

Putter Pong – This is basically mobile mini-golf and endless fun. Something all skill levels can handle, put whatever you like in the cups (cash prizes are certainly motivational) and get to putting! You’ll be the highlight of the parking lot in no time.






With this list, you’ll never find yourself wanting for fun things to do leading up to the big game. The best part is that they can all fit into that new car (hopefully financed through us) so you don’t have to hitch a ride with someone else when you’re bringing the party.

Did we miss your favorite tailgate game? Head over to our Facebook page and let us know your favorite games to play or activities to do on a Saturday afternoon before kickoff.